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Successfully Coach Your Teams

Lively Banter & Actionable Tips

Q&A w/ Sam, Todd, Jen, & Matt

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On-Demand Sessions

Four sales leaders share actionable advice on timely, relevant topics selected by you.

Gather 'round every 3rd Thursday of the Month at 12:30 CT, as the dynamic quartet of Samantha McKenna, Jen Allen, Todd Caponi, and the marvelous Matt Green unite to unravel the mysteries behind your most perplexing sales and revenue conundrums.

Now, don't be alarmed by the name's simplicity. Each month, we boldly venture into uncharted territories, tackling a different topic that's been the bane of your existence.

Together, we'll work toward the path of revenue success. If you're itching to share a question or have a whimsical suggestion on a topic to bewilder us further, just send an email to our trusty comrade, Mason, at

But hold on! That's not all! For those hungry for more sales-related amusement, we present to you 'Revenue Jam'—our podcast extravaganza! Seek it out wherever your favorite podcasts dwell, and you shall be rewarded with a monthly replay of our wondrous gatherings, sprinkled with extra doses of wisdom from the realm of B2B Tech's Revenue Leaders. It's like a magical elixir for closing skill gaps in your go-to-market team. Learning has never been this side-splittingly enjoyable!

So, my friends, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a delightful journey through the whimsical landscape of sales, stuff, things, and all that jazz. We're here to enlighten, entertain, and remind you that humor is the secret sauce that makes the revenue world go round. Let the laughter and success flow abundantly upon us all!

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*Tentative* Upcoming Topics

  • June- Creating and Converting Cold Pipeline
  • July- The Revenue Impact of Executive Emotional Intelligence
  • August- Creating Weekly Wins
  • September- Scaling Through Skill, not Headcount
  • October- Building a Sales Team, Not a Group of Salespeople

*Based on early feedback from attendees, these topics are top of mind. These topics may change to address current market conditions.


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On-Demand Sessions


Coaching in Chaos l 05/2023


Summer Sales Hacks l 04/2023


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Meet Your Speakers

Enabling Over 200 B2B Tech GTM Teams Since 2017

Matt Green
CRO of Sales Assembly

Matt Green Headshot

Matt Green has led sales and operations for multiple hyper-growth, venture-backed tech companies. In these roles, he oversaw personnel management, strategic planning, and sales leadership in multiple markets across the U.S.

Through these experiences, he saw one of the greatest challenges for sales and sales leadership was continued Learning and Development specifically designed to help the GTM team grow in the skills most relevant in the current sales environment. Which is why Matt Co-Founded Sales Assembly.

Through Sales Assembly, Matt has built a company that supports over 200 B2B Tech Companies with Elevated Learning and Development for GTM Teams. If your company needs a systematic and proven approach to up-skilling the entire GTM team, message Matt Green to have a conversation about how Sales Assembly could help.

Samantha McKenna
Founder of #samsales


Samantha McKenna has spent her career in sales putting others first, creating global sales programs, educating through peer interaction, and going to great lengths to make people feel valued. She's launched new verticals, overseen the GTM strategy for some of the most successful initiatives in company history, and put in processes across businesses that redefine how each company works and succeeds.

As the founder of #samsales, she oversees an all-women team who run every sales training imaginable, rewrite sales sequences based on their proprietary techniques (like Show Me You Know Me™), teach social selling, and build executive personal brands.

If you are a sales leader looking for support with personalized training, done-for-you sequences, or social selling and personal branding on LinkedIn, message Samantha McKenna today to get a conversation scheduled.

Todd Caponi
Founder of Sales Melon

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When Todd fell into sales,  he found his love for the decision science surrounding it.

He's turned that into a career encompassing multiple sales leadership roles, including building one tech company from the ground-up into Chicago’s fastest-growing, another that resulted in a successful IPO followed by an acquisition worth almost $3B, and another where his turnaround efforts were rewarded with a successful exit and the American Business “Stevie” Award for Worldwide Vice President of Sales of the Year.

After 3 successful roles in sales leadership, Todd could clearly point to a differentiator in his sales leadership approach. Transparency. Being transparent sells better, retains better, grows better & leads better.

Now Todd Caponi speaks and teaches revenue organizations how we as human beings engage, prioritize, and decide - then how to use that knowledge in their messaging, negotiations, and leadership.

Jen Allen-Knuth
Community at Lavender

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Jen Allen is head of Community & Partnerships for Lavender, co-founded the community, Social Social, and founded her speaking engagement business, DemandJen.

Jen previously served as the Chief Evangelist at Challenger Inc. and host of the Winning the Challenger Sale podcast. Jen works with Sales teams to help them stop losing deals to status quo, price, or no-decision. Jen spent the last 18 years selling and advising CEOs, Chief Sales Officers and Chief Marketing Officers, for Challenger Inc, Corporate Executive Board (CEB) and Gartner. Jen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from The Pennsylvania State University and resides in the Chicago suburbs with her 3 dogs and 4 step-kiddos.

If you and your sales teams need tools that ensure your emails get opened, reach out to Jen today.

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